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The TMX SavingsCard saves you money at Museums! The TMXCard(tm) also saves you cash on products & services from shopping, dining, entertainment, hotels, to much more! Check out our TMX Participants to see where you can save and the area Places2do(tm)!  Your participation directly helps to bring REAL change to the REAL World...really!

The TMX SavingsCard Previewed!

Changes are coming... watch for them!

In the near future we will be updating our website, so please bear with us as we continue to make our site better and and more enjoyable to use.

We will be changing our format to make it easier to navigate, including a majority of features for Mobile users, search engine, and improving image quality and easy of pix and video entry for ours, yours, and theirs.


We will be making the TMX SavingsCard more valuable as we continuously acquire new Museums, TMX Merchants, Artisans , and new services to help you enjoy more things to do, places2do(tm), and reviewed restaurants; to guarantee a full filling (yes, we meant it;) experience.  By always changing and always improving the Total Museum Experience, our TMX Cardholders will know that the TMX SavingsCard is something that will continually give you and yours much more than just your money's worth.

The Museums411 "TMX" $avingsCard gives cardholders discounts at all participating Museums, merchants, Artisans, and places2do(tm) throughout NYS, etc.; these $avings include Buy One Get One free, up to 25% off @ Museum gift shops, Artisan discounts, food deals, lodging promos., and much more.

The Museum411 "TMX" SavingsCard helps Museums, merchants, and the area COMMUNITY by getting more visitors through their welcoming doors! 

The TMXcard(tm) saves you money,  creates new patrons for them, and helps to keep Museums411 up and running. This rolling stone gathers more TMX Museums, merchants, Places2do(tm), area Event calenders, interactive maps, photo galleries, games, quizzes and things that we haven't even thought of yet.

The Museums411 "TMX" $avingsCard is a WIN for all concerned, we hope you will support your local Museums, merchants, and Museums411 by purchasing a Museums411 "TMX" SavingCard and use it religiously!
By using the Museums411 TMXcard(tm) you and yours will enjoy all the rich cultural heritage, Art, zoos, etc. our Museums have to offer.  This value driven program is anchored by the Museums, the Community businesses that support them, and now YOU! 

Museums411 "TMX" SavingsCards are sold on our websites and at participating Museums, Libraries (shhh, they have a few to loan too), Historical Societies, Schools, non- profit organizations, and TMX merchants. The "TMX" SavingsCard is sold NOW for $25 each or $40 per family; they will be valid for one year (from day of purchase or from the day we have at least 75 particapating Museums). YOUR TMXcard(tm) will be worth hundreds of dollars in savings PLUS priceless memories for all. TMXcard(tm) savings come in all sizes, shapes, and offers from Museums, shopping, restaurants, travel, entertainment, and services .  The "TMX" SavingsCard is a must for your wallet, pocketbook, moneybelt, etc., 24/7! Lifetime TMX Cards available soon!

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