top of page a Museum near YOU! Museums411, always improving your TMXperience, has turned our American Press Media team loose to cover the best an area has to offer. Fun AND savings for events, food, entertainment, shopping, music, galleries helps YOU and the local Museum community. Adding to the WORLD's LARGEST NYS collection of geo-located Museums and public Libraries, your savings driven TMXperience is just a few clicks away from being REALITY! 


APS411 Agents and Interns tirelessly work providing visitors, TMX Advocates and Cardholders ( with an ever-increasing number of Places2DO™, values to appreciate, and dates to mark, all in one place! In NYS alone there are 3300+ Museums and public Libraries listed and mapped to help propagate the excitement, knowledge, and individual meaning in this huge world of 21st. century Museums, Galleries, Institutions, sites, etc. 


The Museums411 portal is compatible w/PC, Apple, Android, iOS devices and is designed to be expanded and updated on an unequaled level. With our APS “Feet on the Streets” reporting our; Press Agents, Interns, area Volunteers, & TMX contributors are proud to see, do, and tell others about the World Famous to the area's Diamond in the Rough destinations. At the virtual birth of the Digital Age, we believe it is fundamentally imperative for our Historical Institutions, Art Galleries; Nature, Science, and Aquatic Centers be soundly appreciated, supported, and remain cornerstones of our Society, Culture, and stewardship. Total awareness is the first step. 


Fortunately, we are in the final steps of launching the TMX Savings Card. Turning the Historical, Art, & Cultural world right-side up, Museums411 will be hosting the greatest marketing concept for the betterment of Museums since the calculator replaced the slide rule, the slide rule the abacus, the abacus..aaah, you get it. The passion is contagious, FINALLY, a great thing to catch!

Museums for the Ages...   Solution in Hand!


In the last 16 years, the driving principles of Museums411 have observed much of the Museum Industry strive to effectively understand how the digital/internet revolution would affect their Historical, Cultural, and Artistic appeal. At that time many Institutions adopted different internet directions: a.) guarded strategies assuming patrons would visit their site instead of their Museum b.) expensive full-blown websites that may be difficult to find, hence costly to justify c.) or, a well-meaning member’s nephew “Steve” designed a nice site but is difficult to maintain & update, especially after “Steve” moved to Silicon Valley. The term Information Age, our Age, hopefully to be in the technology section of a History Museum someday, underscores the importance of a collective solution today for our Museum Industry!


The virtual world of personal computers directly colliding and actually competing with the irreplaceable cornerstones of our Historical, Cultural, and Artistic existence is difficult to comprehend albeit allow. Conceding the existence of internet portals in masses, the lack of a truly altruistic, successful, Museum portal is evidence that robust solutions for long-term inclusion, marketing, education, and visitor motivation are elusive. Fortunately the many hours has invested, driven with enthusiasm and encouragement from Museums, Libraries, and community groups, confirms the solution is clearly within our collective grasp.   


32 collective years of Museum Industry experience, along with 1000’s of interactions with Museum; management, personnel, associations, Artists, educators, volunteers, advocates, patrons, and visitors is the cornerstone of our development. Merging our extensive R&D experiences with today’s latest technology; Museums411 and the TMX Savings Card jumpstarts the unraveling of the above multi-faceted, social challenge. Our mission of value driven, mutually beneficial programs couples our no-cost, revenue-generating solution for all Museums with the connected masses, and the really connected, Museumeer™, TMX CardHolders. Additionally, Moduplexing™ our geo-destination based portal with; public Libraries, local Artisans, premium merchants, service providers, area events, etc. with multi-media outlets, social networking, and website reciprocation NOW becomes THE long-term standard for successful Museums, thriving community, and social appreciation ...for all Ages!

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We moved, YOU and yours move

    ATTN. COMMUNITY ADVOCATES: Merchants. Service Providers, and PLaces2DOtm! 


Check out what a TMX Savings Card Membership will do for you! CLICK on the TMX menu for more information about the TMX Savings Card. You can sign-up while YOUR page is being worked on.  We will be mass-marketing TMX Cards throughout NYS Museums, Libraries, communities and community organizations in the very near future.

When you register on our website we will email your network updates and insider news with more; Museums, Libraries, Artisans, Merchants, Events, and more... Places2Do(tm)!

Museums of NYS-Photo Collage 

Photos by: APS411 Field Ops.

Photo by Skye Zagorski


Museums411 presents: 

Save A Museum Awareness Project

w/FREE, nationwide, TMX savings e-card thank you! 




Our easy, secure, privacy-protected donor site is your pathway to HELP fund the change in Museum awareness, appreciation, and attendance.  


ALL the information needed to be part of the Save a Museum Awareness Project AND power your smartphone TODAY with 100's of local Savings is here!

              *be sure to check out our Save A Museum YouTube ...coming very soon!    


  Donating $25 or more to a Museum will help power financial sustainability

   and broker 21st. Century awareness, resources, and marketing solutions. 


               IN ADDITION to Helping SAVE a MUSEUM: 

Sponsors donating $25 or more will receive a TMX e-Card™ Savings App.!  The TMX e-Card™, easily loaded on your smartphone, entitles you to receive 100s of local and national discounts throughout the USA ...for 365 Days! 

An ADDED thanks, your TMX eCard Hotel voucher is preloaded w/$100! 

 The TMX e-Card™ Savings App. is honored at literally 350,000+ places* 

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         *More Museums, local merchants, and national brands ADDED DAILY!


                  ...a VERY SPECIAL Thank You from MUSEUMS411

   By helping to Save A Museum YOU help save our public treasures from private ownership, public obscurity, AND help turn the tide of Museum decline.    


                        By helping Museums, YOU SAVE MONEY! 

It is easy to help SAVE A MUSEUM while Saving Cash... Locally and Nationally!

Click Region to Find Museums by County

HELP crush the deaccession of Museum collections by supporting financial sustainability through mass awareness.

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