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                                  Kids Corner Empire State Aerosciences Museum Review



Hi my name is Skye, I am the Editor of Kid's Corner. I have started new reviews in August of 2013. I will take you to the Museums and places to go after the Museum that I have visited and give you my opinion on whether they are interesting and fun for kids.

I recently visited the Empire State Aerosciences Museum with my Dad.  I wasn't really sure if I would be intersted in airplanes before I got there, but my opinion changed once I got to see all that they had to offer. 

The Museum is housed in a building that looks lie it might have been a hangar for airplanes, and is located adjacent to the Schenectady County Airport.

When we got to the Museum the man who was at the front desk was very informative and was thrilled that we where there visiting his Musem he took us on a tour throughout the musem and explained the things they do there and it was really interesting, not what I thought it would be.  He showed us the old prototype airplanes and how they evolved over the last 100 years.

I really liked the Amelia Earhart Exhibit, which had  a replica of the plane that she disappeared in while making her last flight.  I really think that she was one of the bravest women of her time, breaking into a field that very few women would ever think of getting into. The aviation field was a man's thing and women were not encouraged to join, but she showed the world that women could be just as successful as a man could.  I think she was a great influence on other women who would take her lead and not be afraid to do things that only men where welcome.

Another part of the Museum I really enjoyed was the outside of the Museum where there was a good number of different airplanes and helicopters from different eras and countries.

I really think that unless you can get up close to these airplanes and see the complexity of these machines that you can't really appreciate what they are really about.

I think that this a Museum that most kids we really like to go to, even us girls will have a great time visiting this  Museum.

I would like to thank the staff of the Museum for showing me around and making sure that I really enjoyed my time there.

I give this Museum a "Thumbs Up", so I hope you wil go and visit soon.

Remember, when your parents ask where you would like to go to tell them a Museum would be great.

So plan to go a Museum and see what they have to offer, you will pleasantly surprised what is out there waiting for you.


Come back here often and see what new places I have visited, I hope you have enjoyed my Review.






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