Hi my name is Skye, I am the new editor for Museums411 Kids Corner. Just as my sister Lexi has done,I will take you to the Museums that I have visited and give you my opinion on whether these Museums are interesting and fun for kids.

I visited the Schenectady Museum & Suites-Bueche Planetarium with my Dad. I would like to thank everyone at the Schenectady Museum & Suites-Bueche Planetarium for being so nice and helpful, they really made my visit something I will always remember. This is a really Fun Museum!, where kids can actually touch things.

We had a lot of fun playing with all the magnet exhibits that showed the properties of magnetism. There was a bunch of hands on exhibits that showed about electricity, wind, turbine power,experimental cars, locomotives and much more.

I pretended to be a newscaster and could watch myself on the monitor they had on the wall, it was fun reading from a script just like they do on television.

Kids, I hope you will check out the Schenectady Museum & Suites-Bueche Planetarium the next time your parents ask you what you would like to do. Tell them you want to go to the Schenectady Museum & Suites-Bueche Planetarium. I guarantee you will all have an awesome time, because this is an awesome Museum!!

I took most of the photographs on this page except for those that have me in them, my Dad took those. So I hope you enjoyed my first column and come back often i will be posting alot more in the very near future.

Until next time this is Skye saying, visit a Museum near you and enjoy everything they have to offer.


  Kids Corner Schenectady Museum Review